Friday, January 29, 2010

Make Up Days

I'm sitting here thinking how the Iowa winter has taken so much time away from school. The ice storms, the wind and the snow has accumulated to 7 snow days from school. Luckily we have 2 "built in" days at the end of the we just need to find 5 other days on our calendar!
Working with 1-1 computer access, has allowed the administrators to poll the students about how they want to make up their "time". Do they want to lengthen the school day, add days to the end of the year, make up a day on a Saturday or perhaps take time from Spring Break?
I am looking forward to seeing the response from the it will be interesting to see if they agree with my thoughts???
I, myself, would like to lengthen the school extra hour to each day wouldn't be so bad! :) It would save the district money actually....the buses would not have to run extra days...the cooks wouldn't have to cook an extra lunch...and think of the money saved from heating the place!!
Anyway, it will be interesting to see the outcome of the poll! I am hoping Spring comes soon!

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  1. Totally Agree Kim! I think we need to look at a different spring break.. a few days off next year but not a full week--not necessary--give us our summer as our break! However, I think we should save the district money and in the BEST interest of the students educationally---extend the school day as students would not look at it as wasted time on a Saturday or spring break or at the end of the school year, but rather best interest of the students have them in school and utilize the time--they won't notice time added to a day--a Saturday they might notice. Kudos Mrs. Carey!:)